Iceland Tours

Rejkjavik Excursions is your best destination for booking all the best tours around Iceland ~ a plus is also they pick you up from your hotel/airbnb’s! Keep reading to see what cool spots I got to witness!

Things To Pack:

  • Snacks – prepare for a long day – most of the bus rides take about 30 minutes to an hour from destination to destination
  • Poncho/Rain jacket – if you travel during winter/spring months, pack a rain jacket in addition to your winter jacket because you can get soaked by the Geysir or if you were like me get soaked in the crazy rain!
  • Phone charger – there are USB’s on the bus, so be sure to bring this so your phone stays charged to take photos.
  • Water proof cell phone case – if you don’t have a water proof camera, order one of these on Amazon just to protect from rain and splashes from water.
  • Sneakers/Boots – I brought two pairs of shoes on this tour just in case they’d get wet and I wouldn’t want to be carrying around heavy wet boots
  • Hand Warmers – these are great for when you are chasing the lights.
  • Towel & Flip Flops – avoid having to pay an extra cost at the Blue Lagoon Spa

South Shore Tour

This was my favorite tour that we did in Iceland. Note: you will have to choose between seeing the black sand beach or hiking the glaciers, so you’ll have to make a decision on which one you’d like to do before booking it. We unfortunately didn’t know that we’d go to the black sand beach while the hikers hiked the glacier, and we’re not able to get a refund for the additional $50 we paid. All in all, this was an amazing tour but also warning – a very long day! The tour was 12 hours.

Pay an extra $50 to hike the glacier with a professional hiker


Solheimajokull Glacier – if you choose not to hike it, you still get a great view


Black Sand Beach














Fun Fact: Justin Bieber filmed his music video, I’ll Show You here!


Superjeep Northern Lights Tour

This tour was extremely important to me since it was the whole reason why I went to Iceland. A little pricey, but I thought every penny was worth it. The best part about the superjeep tour is that it can take you places that the big bus tours can’t take you! We booked the tour on our first night in hopes to see the light – but if you don’t catch them, you can book another tour with them free of charge during your trip! Some additive features are vodka, hot chocolate, and if you forget your tri-pod – no worries, the Superjeep team takes professional pictures with you when the lights pop up.




The Golden Circle Tour

This tour was beautiful – we got to witness a blizzard, rain storm, sleet and sunshine all in one day while exploring the Golden Circle.


Image result for •Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National
Thingvellir – National Park where the European and North American tectonic plates meet


Gullfoss Water Fall – hold on tight, it gets windy and cold here!
Geysir – make sure to bring your ponchos!
Kerio – Volcanic crater formed when a large magma chamber collapsed


Blue Lagoon Spa

Save some money and bring your own flip flops and towel at the Blue Lagoon Spa. This is a MUST do if you are in Iceland, as it was voted top thing to do in 2017. Besides the geothermal pool, the caved sauna was one of my favorites. Most people save this activity until their last day since it is 20 minutes from the airport. Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve done and such a relaxing place!




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